Totally Local

Totally Local does what it says on the tin. The home of local music.

For years, we have been championing local music - and Eric Furze has been playing the cream of Stafford artists on the radio since 65AD. In fact, one look at his face and you can see he's lived a hard life (Photos & biog coming soon!)  

The deal is this... if you are in a local band, or maybe you produce your own solo music - then your music has a home. Each Monday evening Eric plays the pick of Stafford's finest and you can get yours on Stafford FM. All you have to do is drop us over an email with an attached MP3 and we'll endeavour to get your music heard across Stafford.

Eric also does a round up of the weeks hottest local gigs, so if you're playing - let us know where and when. Drop us an email at;