Home Run with Big E

The Home Run with Big E, weekdays 3 - 7pm.

Big E's the man to get you home with the latest news on the roads and the Biggest Variety of Hits. 

E has been with Stafford FM since 2013 having returned from his annual DJ sabbatical in Greece, where he did almost 15 seasons on the trot! However, the pull to do some radio in Stafford was too much and since then, he's not been able to get away!

We thought we'd ask Big E some questions. Here goes...

1.) Did you always want to be on the radio?
I had no interest in being on the radio, but I did always want to be a disco DJ and that's the direction I went in.
Then, having worked abroad as a DJ I decided that on my return to the UK I'd give presenting a go... and that's when I landed at Stafford FM!

2.) What do you love about Stafford?
There are some great amenities here, including a theatre, lovely parks, sports clubs, the Chase on the doorstep and some great venues. It's not all perfect but I hope that in time we can enjoy more positive developments.

3.) If you weren't on Stafford FM, what would you be doing?
I'd probably still being doing music somewhere! I did once think about opening a retro music bar, or trying a job as a DJ on a cruise ship.

4.) Describe your show in 5 words...
Entertaining, informative, engaging, uplifting and enjoyment.

5.) Who do you admire?
I admire anyone that makes an effort! Everyone has struggles and worries but the main thing is to try and not give up. I have never been a 'goal setter' but I admire those that achieve theirs.