Daz Antrobus

Weekday Afternoons with Daz Antrobus, 12 - 3pm.

The self professed Greek God, Daz Antrobus, takes you through your weekday afternoons with the Biggest Variety of Hits.

Daz is no stranger to Stafford FM having been a part of the team back in 2013. Since then, he can be heard on Dee 106.3 and Silk FM 'up North'. However, Stafford's his second home and we think he fits right in with us here. 

If you want an extra dose of Daz with the The Lunch Box Extra Portion the click here 

We fired some questions at Daz...

1.) Did you always want to be on the radio?
Yes. I made my own Darren FM in my bedroom as a kid with 2 hi-fi's so I could fade the songs in and out.

2.) Who do you admire?
Surely the correct answer here is Stu & Ray? However, the giants of radio...ha! Steve Wright because of his high production values and slickness with his flow. I also always liked Gary Davies.

3.) Walkers or Golden Wonder?
Neither. It's kettle chips for me. A much bigger crunch!

4.) Describe your show in 5 words...
Social. Event. Friends. Talk. Nonsense.

5.) Your favourite place to go in Stafford to get away from everything?
Obviously Stafford Castle for me. Incredible views but the walk is hard!