Classic Rock Show

Every Wednesday evening at 7pm, The Dude takes you on a journey through the greatest rock music ever made.

The Dude has an appetite for classic rock and each week he plays 2 hours of belters! From Chuck Berry to Def Leppard and everything in between - it's nothing but classic rock.

Rather than us sticking a long biog on here, we asked the Dude some questions...

1.) What's your actual name?

2.) What school did you attend?
King Eddies.

3.) If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?
Will I ever get any wiser?

4.) Axl Rose or Freddie Mercury?
Freddie! The greatest frontman of any band... living or dead!

5.) Who's your rock God?
SLASH. No question! When I was growing up I wanted to be SLASH.

6.) Describe your show in 5 words...
Great music with talky bits!

You can grab a weekly tracklisting for the show each week right here, and if there's something you'd like to hear, drop him at email over; EMAIL THE CLASSIC ROCK SHOW