Cat Kay at the Weekend

Cat Kay, every Saturday 10am - 12pm.

Mum about town, Cat, is here every weekend with great music, chat and entertainment plus the Saturday Showcase showing off Stafford Local Talent. 

What can we say about Cat? Well... she started out life on the radio in 2015 on the Breakfast Show with Stu at Stafford FM. After a whirlwind few months, the pair moved to Derbyshire together to host a Breakfast Show over there. After 6 months, Cat stayed - Stu left but hey both ended up back in Stafford pretty soon. 

Since then, she's also worked at Signal 1. However, she's since left radio and been off to do a "normal job" whilst also getting married and having a baby. The 'baby' is now a young boy, who most definitely keeps her on her toes but we'll let Cat tell you about that!

Cat likes to talk and always has a drama to tell you about , so she's got her own blog. Keep checking back to read her latest musings!

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