Carol Lake

Carol was one of our original Stafford FM presenters from our Gaol Mews days... and now she's back... this time around she's dragged Paul Millgate along with her... and they are bringing some naughtiness with them to our weekend schedules on the 'Night Queens' show!

What can we tell you about Carol? Well, she's Stafford bred and proud of it! 
Carol is a published author, cruise ship lecturer and Arctic explorer, at home amongst glaciers, growlers and icebergs. She loves to travel!

She was Miss Royal British Legion, Stafford and is a Burgess of Stafford, chartered by King John in 1206ad.

She also achieved bronze in the BBC TV Seafish Challenge and then went on to become the national winner of The BBC TV Campaign for Great British Food. Wow. That's an impressive CV!

Carol is passionate about good cuisine, locally produced food, good company, wine… and giggles (needs to be working with Paul!)

Miss Lake lives at Tom Cat Towers with her big Persian cat Reggie, and Gabion Snowpaws... the stupidest cat on the planet!

We thought we'd bung some questions at her...

What school did you go to?
Blesso's... of course!

Give us one amazing fact about yourself...
I was the national winner of BBC TV campaign for Great British Food. My passion is good food, good wine but more importantly good company. I love promoting Stafford and it's wonderful locally produced food!

What do you love the most about Stafford...
The history and heritage. We've got a heck of a story to tell!
As Burgess of Stafford, I'm keen to tell it!

What's your favourite album of all time?
As a closet Goth, it has to be 'Slow, Depp and Hard' by Type O Negative. Peter Steele had the most incredible, sexy voice. It really was slow, deep and hard!

Describe your show in 5 words...
Risque fun, cheeky giggles, laughter!

Carol kicks off her new show alongside Paul Millgate this September!