Local Trivia - Just for fun

A regular feature for the last 12 months on Stafford FM's weekday mid-morning show has been our ‘Local trivia just for fun’. It's not a competition, just something to think about for 30 minutes, before the answers are revealed at 11:45. The trivia has reinforced our localness, community spirit and also sometimes been nostalgic, highlighting what once was and how some things have changed over the years. I know our listeners have enjoyed it, some of the trivia questions have been sent in by our listeners, some supplied by 'Trivia Dave' and 'Quiz Karen', a few supplied by Stafford FM presenters and others I’ve written myself. These questions are mainly from the 1970's and 1980's, so "lets play some local trivia just for fun", (The answers will be published soon), GOOD LUCK!



1. In what year did Simple Minds play a gig at North Staffs Polytechnic, Beaconside?

2. Moonraker, the 1979 James Bond film starring Roger Moore was shown at which Stafford Cinema? 
3.  Up until the 1970's, what was researched at the Nelson Research Laboratories, on Blackheath Lane? 
4. Stafford's most popular nightclub in the 1970's was the Top of the World on Newport Road. The club consisted of 3 floors, the ground, first and second floor. What were the names of each floor?
5. Which well known national leisure group brought the the Top of the World in the 1970's from entrepreneur Eddie Fenton, who originally opened the club in 1965? 
6. What was the name of the steam locomotive that was on a static display outside Stafford Railway Station/Victoria Park in the 1970's?
7.  Where was it originally built?
8. What colour was it?
9.  Where is it now?
10. Can you name the Jewellers Shop that stood next door to The Bear in Greengate Street in the 1970's, actually it was there for over a century? 
11. What was the name of the coach operator based on Newport Rd Stafford in the 1970's? (Where The Wok Stop and Stafford Tiles & Flooring is now).
12. Which Queen hit single was said to have been inspired following their gig at Bingley Hall, Stafford, on May 29, 1977?
13. How much were the tickets for the Queen gig at Bingley Hall in 1977?
14. What year did Queen make their first appearance on 'Top of the Pops' and what song did they sing? 
15. Where in the 1970's in Stafford would have found The Antelope?
16.  Where in the 1970's would you have found The Falcon?
17. Where in Stafford would you have found The Eagle? 
18. The Eagles played at  Bingley Hall, in the 1970's, but in what year?
19. In the 1970's where in town would find H.S. Boult (confectioner) A very popular sweet shop?
20. Stafford Rangers finished as runners up in the FA Trophy in 1976. The final was at Wembley, who did they play?
21. Motorhead played The Top of The World nightclub on Newport Rd on 1 August 1977. What was the name of their lead singer and only continuous member, who was born in Burslem Stoke on Trent? 
22. The Cure  played the Top of The World Nightclub on Newport Road on  21 May 1979. What is the name of their lead singer and the only continuous member of the band, which he co-founded in 1978?
23In the 1970's where in Stafford would you find Henry Burton?
24. In 1976, it was 100 years after the invention of the telephone, but only half of UK households had one. How much was quarterly line rental in 1976? 
25. Where in the 1970's would you have found the Rifleman? 
26. If you went to your local Stafford pub in 1972, how much would you have paid for a pint of draught bitter?
27. In the 1970's, there was a garage on Silkmore Lane (roughly where the Co-op is now). They were main dealers for British Leyland Triumph cars. Which Triumph Sportscar was launched in May 1976?

28. What was the name of the popular social club next door to Silkmore Garage?

29. In the 1970's where in Stafford would you find Tom Reekie?

30. Status Quo played at Bingley Hall, Stafford on the 9th January 1977. What was their first hit single of the 1970's?

31. How many times did Stafford Rangers win the Staffordshire Senior Cup in the 1970's?

32. In the early 1970's, where on the north side of Stafford town centre would you find Charles Clarke?

33. In 1979, Stafford Rangers won the FA Trophy at Wembley for the second time during the 70's, the match setting a record gate for the final (32,000). Who did they play and what was the score?
34. American singer-songwriter, Suzi Quatro played the Top of the World nightclub on Newport Road 14 May 1977 (her second gig there of the 70's). What was Suzi Quatro's first UK No1 hit single? 

35. In the 1970's if you went to your corner shop (that probably doesn't exist anymore), how much would you pay for an average size loaf of sliced white bread?

36If you popped to your local Stafford Newsagent to get your morning paper in the 1970's, the Daily Mirror was Britain's most popular newspaper - just edging out The Sun - how much would it have cost?

37. If you went to the main post office on Greengate Street in 1974, how much would you have paid for a first class stamp?  

38. In the 1970's The Staffordshire General Infirmary on Foregate Street was Stafford's main general hospital. But how many beds did they have for inpatients? Would you say 212, 313 or 414?

39. How many beds were there for inpatients at St. Georges Psychiatric Hospital in the 1970's? 650, 750 or 850?

40.  In the 1970's the Staffordshire Ambulance Service HQ was based in Stone Road. Where is the Ambulance service in Stafford based now? 

41. A weekly Jazz Club opened on Foregate Street in 1983. Where was it?

42. What was the name of the nightclub on Greyfriars in 1982, which later changed its name to Reagan's and after the club closed became KFC?

43. What year did the Accident & Emergency (Casualty Department) close for the final time at the SGI? 

44. What was the name of the church which was built on South Street in 1866. It was built mainly for railway workers living in Castletown. By 1972 it was redundant and was demolished shortly afterwards?

45. The Rolling Stones played at Bingley Hall, Stafford on 17 May 1976. How much were the tickets to see the show?

46. In the 1970's, where in Stafford would you find the Kings Head? 

47. Stafford Cricket & Hockey Club made the move to Riverway in 1984, but where were they located before then?

48. It's currently the home to Aldi, but what was the name of the Rover motor dealership that stood on the site located on the Lichfield Road?

49. In the 1980's, If you were to catch the Number 1 yellow Chaserider mini bus from North Walls, where would you be going?

50. Which of the greatest England football managers 'that never was', made an unexpected visit to Marston Road in the 1980's?

Sticker courtesy of Gareth Evans, former employee of GEC ALSTHOM. These stickers were placed on their products before being shipped worldwide.