Our Story

Where do we begin? We have quite the history. 

Stafford FM was first born out of an idea by former Signal Radio presenter, Ray Crowther, and local businessman, Richard Lamont. Our story goes all the way back to 2001 when the 2 sat down in Ray's back garden and dreamt up the idea of launching a radio station for Stafford - with the aim of gaining a full time FM license.

After recruiting presenters, Stu Haycock, Paul Heath, Paul Dean and Lee Middleton, the first RSL (28 day Restricted Services License) broadcast on 103.6 FM took place in early 2001 from studios at Gaol Mews. 

Another 3 RSL's followed, until the then 
regulator - the Radio Authority, was disbanded and it was decided that no further FM licenses were to be issued. So - the whole project was placed on ice.

The guys went off to do other things, with Ray returning to Signal Radio, Stu moving to Rock FM in the North West and then Beacon Radio (now Free Radio) - and Paul Heath went abroad.

Fast forward to 2010. The new regulator, Ofcom, had announced that they were going to consider applications for full time community radio licenses on FM. This triggered the team to get back together and go hell for leather at getting Stafford it's own radio station.

The 'new' Stafford FM launched from studios in Marston Road on September 5th 2011, as an online-only radio station. The sole purpose was to drum up support in the campaign to win an FM license.

Stafford FM conducting another RSL in November 2011, and a further 2 more followed before finally applying to Ofcom for a license.

The radio station was granted a full time FM community radio license in October 2014 - and then the work began to prepare the studios to hit the airwaves - launching on Saturday 25th April 2015!

Since then, Stafford FM has become a part of life in the County Town. Eight years on and the radio station is growing day by day. We still have some of the founding members broadcasting to the air that they love, including Stafford FM's founding father, Ray Crowther.