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The residents of the village of Hixon, Staffordshire, have raised funds for a memorial to the 11 people who died in a rail crash in the village in 1968. The memorial will be dedicated in the village churchyard on Saturday, Jan 6, 2018 – exactly 50 years to the day since the accident.

The Hixon rail crash occurred on 6 January 1968 when a low-loader transporter carrying a 120-ton electrical transformer was struck by a Manchester to London express train on a recently-installed automatic level crossing at Hixon, Staffordshire.

A subsequent public inquiry led to changes in the operation of level crossings all over the country and disaster response preparation was also improved. As a consequence many lives have been saved as a direct result of lessons learned and changes made following this disaster. The unveiling of the memorial and a plaque will be performed by a relative of one of those killed, and villagers who helped at the time, fire and rescue personnel and other relatives of those who died will also be present at the ceremony.

Stafford FM will be remembering the events of 6 January 1968 and those affected by the disaster, with a series of interviews early in the new year.

British Pathe reported on the disaster in 1968 and their short film can be found on their web site here, BRITISH PATHE  – search for ‘Hixon’ in the search bar on the main page. Also, photographs of the aftermath of the crash can be found here,