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TLY096 - Staffordshire video launch - IMAGE2 TLY096 - Staffordshire video launch - IMAGE

Tally Accounts has released a fun video to showcase the range of landmarks and fun to be had around Staffordshire. Featuring the likes of Trentham Monkey Forest, Stafford Castle and Cannock Chase, the county has been explored in its entirety, reflecting the role Staffordshire plays in driving the UK economy.

 The Welcome to Staffordshire video was officially launched on social media and features Stafford FM’s presenter Ed Marshall, it’s generating much discussion on the economic prosperity that Staffordshire has to offer the UK; as well as monkeys. While this video focuses on one area, the rapid digitisation across all sectors, including accountancy, means that businesses don’t need to be in any particular location to monitor cash flow and get the support of chartered accountants.

“Staffordshire is a thriving county where many businesses are growing,” said Richard Stonier, Partner at Tally Accounts. “We have great connections all over the UK because of the county’s centralised location, and this is reflected in the highly skilled and successful businesses in the area.

“This video is a celebration of all things Staffordshire, and while some businesses may outgrow and expand their business footprints to outside of Staffordshire, they can still continue to use the same accountancy software. You can be anywhere in the world to access the cloud, and it is this cloud-based approach to accountancy that will drive the continual growth of Staffordshire businesses.”

Many locations across the county have been recognised as part of this video, including the Oatcake Boat, the Stafford ghost walk and Penkridge town centre. The video also features Georgie, a Staffordshire bull terrier, as a mascot for the Staffordshire bull dog breed.

The official video can be viewed below, if you would like to have your say on the video, the social media discussion has been categorised using the hashtag, #StaffordshireRocks.