New Deer Deterrent planned for busy Cannock Chase Road

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Deer deterrent A513.full (002)

Staffordshire County Council Ranger Service will be installing new electronic deer deterrents to help reduce a high number of collisions that happen every year.

The devices will be placed along a small stretch of the A513 between Milford and the Punchbowl in a bid to protect the animals and make the road safer for users.

The A513 thorough Cannock Chase is one of the worst for deer vehicle collisions in the whole of the Midlands. Around 35 deer were hit and killed by cars along the small 1km stretch of road in 2016.

The deterrents are activated by approaching headlights that emit sound and light as stimuli to stop deer from approaching the highway. The headlight sensors can be set off from over 300 metres down the road, causing the devices to set off an alarm with blue and yellow strobe-type lights to startle any nearby deer, hopefully causing them to run away from the road.

The 1km stretch of the A513 has been surveyed and  28 crossing points were identified. This means, on average, the deer cross this road at a point every 35 metres. With blind bends and fast speeds, deer collisions are a frequent event.

168 deer were killed on the roads on Cannock Chase and surrounding areas in 2016. Some of the cars that hit deer were written off due to the amount of damage caused by the impacts.

Ian Skelton, Chairman of the British Deer Society Midlands branch said ‘It’s hoped the new devices will help reduce deer collisions and make the notorious stretch of the A513 safer to all road used users’.

The deer deterrent will be active just before the deer rut (mating season) which occurs between late September through to mid November.

New deer warning signs will also be installed with the deer posts which is partly funded by Staffordshire County Council, Cannock Chase AONB and the Staffordshire Local Community Fund.

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