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Please support Darren Westwood raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.



‘Brave the Shave!’ Darren Westwood has had long hair for the past 15 years! He’s been considering whipping it all off for a while now. Darren is pretty self conscious about is hair and is rarely seen without a hat! This has given him the incentive to do something for a great cause and for himself! Darren chatted to me about why he is having it all off! Please support him raising money for this very worthy cause – Macmillan Cancer Support. ……  Macmillian  work tirelessly to make sure every single person who needs it gets support from their nurses and therapists.  Support him, more info and please donate here, https://bravetheshave.org.uk/shavers/darren-westwood/

Listen to Darren’s interview again here,

Darren Westwood talks to Ray Crowther

‘Stafford Remembered’ with Paul Wells, and Malc Asling (ex UK Subs). A chance to listen again…

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‘Stafford Remembered’ with Paul Wells, and Malc Asling (ex UK Subs). Paul and Malc grew up together in Stafford, but there careers went in opposite directions. Paul, a talent guitarist, played with many local bands while perusing a career at BT. Malc, an amazing drummer, left Stafford and moved to London where he joined punk band Chelsea and later the UK Subs. They look back at their musical careers, share some fond memories of the Stafford live music scene and reminisce sharing some great stories! First broadcast on 107.3 Stafford FM on 16 Aug 2015. www.staffordfm.co.uk

'Stafford Remembered' with Ray Crowther and guests Malc Asling (ex UK Subs) and Paul Wells by Ray Crowther on Mixcloud

Paul Reynolds and ‘Dib’ remember the glory days of The Reynolds Bar

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Last Sunday on the ‘Stafford Remembered’ Show,  Paul Reynolds and Sharo Dibba (Dib), called into see us at Stafford FM. Paul Reynolds was the owner of Stafford’s most popular nightclub during the 1980’s and 1990’s – The Reynolds Bar on Foregate Street.

Paul took us back to the heydays of The Cellar Bar, The Attic Bar and The Reynolds Bar, sharing some fond memories and also looked back at some of the great bands that played there and also the charity events. Dib was General Manger of the club and also looked back and reminisced how he first met Paul while working at Annabel’s Nightclub and how he began working for him. Sadly the club closed it’s doors finally in December 2002, but the happy memories of the good times and the great entertainment of ‘The Reynolds’ will live on forever. Especially for everyone who worked there and went there for a night out.

If you missed the interview, there’s a chance to listen again by clicking the link below.

Paul and Dib

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My guests next week (w/c 9 Aug 2015)

I hope you can join me next week on Stafford FM….


This week on Stafford Remembered, I’ll be chatting to Dave Nixon and Paul Reynolds,


dave 2

Dave used to run ‘Dave’s Diner’ on the car park of Stafford Rangers football ground for many years and will be sharing some of his memories of growing up here in Stafford, the changes he’s seen and also going to  St. Leonards County Primary School with Derek Holt (Climax Blues Band).



Paul was the owner of Stafford’s most popular nightclub during the 1980’s and 1990’s – The Reynolds Bar on Foregate Street. Paul will be taking us back to the heydays of The Cellar Bar, The Attic Bar and The Reynolds Bar, sharing some fond memories and also looking back at some of the great bands that played there.

The show is brought in association with ‘The Stafford Remembered’ facebook page.




Nicky Barron, who is involved in the campaign to save Stafford’s old Library on Lichfield Road.





Brian Wynn from Coversure Insurance on Newport Road – talking about insurance matters and changes with the UK driving licence.




Dr. Jason Greenwood from The Stafford Dental Practice.



Alex Hazledine from Gym + Tonic



download blues

Lorraine Conkey will be joining us and looking ahead to The Stafford Blues Festival.



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Lisa Carson from Katharine House Hospice – we’ll find out more about the ‘Splatter Dash’ and their other exciting fundraising events here in Stafford.


FRIDAY (14th)

Fridays mid-morning show (10am – 2pm) will come live from Stafford Indoor Market. Please come down and say hello.




Darren Rathband talks to Stafford FM remembering his twin brother David who was shot and blinded by fugitive Raoul Moat, this day 5 years ago


Today is the 5th anniversary of the tragic events that became known as the Northumbria shootings when police officer David Rathband (originally from Stafford) was shot in the face and permanently blinded by fugitive Raoul Moat. PC David Rathband struggled to cope with the devastating consequences of losing his sight in such a traumatic way and after 18 months, he took his own life. David became a national hero after the incident and used his profile to establish the Blue Lamp Foundation to support 999 staff injured on duty.

I chatted to David’s twin brother, Darren Rathband on the eve of the anniversary about his memories of growing up here and how he is coping after such a devastating loss.

If you missed the interview with Darren, there’s a chance to listen again – please click the link below.

Darren Rathband