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Stafford Rangers Promotion! Awards interviews and exclusive from Reg Bates

After a fantastic season for Stafford Rangers and an immense effort from all involved, Sat saw Rangers being promoted after a well earnt season.

Ian Beddow was on hand and did interviews including an exciting exclusive from Reg Bates.

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Alternative Therapies, Floatation Tanks and Staffordshire Ironman 70.3

Alternative Therapies, Floatation Tanks and Staffordshire Ironman 70.3

On the show we interviewed Sally Rosemarie who practices various alternate therapies.

Mark Smethurst who has recently opened Time to Float in Stafford which has floatation tanks.

And finally we interviewed our own Craig Baxter who is doing the upcoming Staffordshire Ironman 70.3

Listen to their interviews by clicking the link at the bottom but here is a little about them…

Sally Rosemarie of Escential Health, offers a wide range of holistic complementary therapies and retreats at the Cannock Chase Healing Retreat in a quaint Victorian cottage in Little Haywood on the edge of Cannock Chase. She specialises in energy healing including Precision Reiki and Phytobiophysics Flower Remedies – which she teaches to individuals and therapists and which can help physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

If you are looking to take time out from a busy schedule, de-stress, re-charge your batteries and be nurtured with relaxing therapies in a peaceful environment, contact Sally Rosemarie on:

07711 649175 [email protected]


So what is Floatation?

Floatation is lying on a bed of 10″ water, heated up to body temperature, and is laden with 500kg of Epsom Salts. This is more dense than the dead sea, and therefore you float, and hence the term ‘floatation therapy.’

Inside the pod it is dark, and when using the earplugs provided, there is no sound. These things combine to ‘fool’ the brain into sleep mode.
This allows the oxygen to be transported around the blood quicker, which helps the body repair itself. People who suffer back, knee or neck pain in particular should notice an improvement after floating.

The benefits of Floatation:
Just 60 minutes in one of our float pods can…
REDUCE: Blood Pressure, Heart rate, Muscle Tension, Back Pain, Stress, Jet Lag, Insomnia
IMPROVE: Cardio-Vascular Efficiency, Oxygen and Blood Supply (dilates veins, arteries and capillaries), Concentration Strength and Span, Creative powers, Supply of Nutrients to Every cell in the Human Body.
STRENGTHEN: Immune System, Self-Confidence, General Feeling of Well Being
ACCELERATE: Recovery from Exercise, Sports, Illness and Injury
PROTECT AGAINST: Symptoms of Asthma, All Gastro-Intestinal and Cardio-Vascular Disorders, Migraines, Chronic Back Pain, The Risk of Heart Attacks & Strokes.

A lot of pregnant women (in their second and third trimester) experience true relaxation when they float, as pregnancy takes a toll on every muscle in their body, especially their torso. Ironically, the times they get a chance to rest is when the baby becomes more active, and it’s weight continues to put stress on their muscles.

interested? then book now at


Craig Baxter is training for the Staffordshire Ironman 70.3 and he has found that mixing his training up cycling, swimming, running and strength work, have really benefitted him and has helped him avoid injury.

Craig is raising money for Katherine House Hospice. You can sponsor him by clicking on the following link…


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Stafford Rangers Special!!!- Shed End Update!

Stafford Rangers Special!!!- Shed End Update!

Update!!! We are pleased to update the following about the Shed End project after speaking to Graham Mitchell.

Two weeks ago we had a meeting with the board of directors where we submitted revised plans for the shed.

The revised plans are for a 70 metre cantilever stand which is 7 meters deep, they unanimously supported the scheme.

Planning permission has now been submitted and we are now tendering for the contract for the fabrication and erection of the structure that we hope to have in place prior to the commencement of the 2016/17 season.




The Sports Sandwich team did a Stafford Rangers special to highlight the excellent season that they are having and to update everyone.

We had in the studio Alan G and Mitch giving us an update on the Shed End project.

Then Neil Kitching came in and did and interview along with Christian Dacres, Nick Amos and Martin Prentice.

Listen again as Leah Claire, Matt Sargeant and Ian Beddow do a Stafford Rangers special on the Sports Sandwich 107.3 Stafford FM

Should products containing high sugar be taxed?

Should products containing high sugar be taxed?

The British Medical Association (BMA) has said today that imposing a 20p levy on sugary drinks could reduce the prevalence of obesity in the UK by around 180,000 people.

A report warned that poor diet costs the NHS around £6 billion a year meaning it has a greater impact than smoking and alcohol!

A report found that the healthiest diets cost double the price of the least healthy ones with unhealthy foods found to be decreasing in price over time the gap is ever increasing.

The 20p tax suggested on all non-alcoholic water based soft drinks with added sugar including energy drinks, fruit drinks, sports drinks and fruit juice concentrates could subsidies the sale of fruit and vegetables.

We see these products advertised and sponsored everywhere but who is really to blame? Is it because they are so cheap? is is bad education? is it because they are in our face all the time? You tell us in the comments below!

We will be discussing this tonight on The Sports Sandwich from 7pm on 107.3 Stafford FM

Have your vote. Do you think a minimum 20p levy would help reduce obesity in the UK?

Nutrition and Supplements Night! Everything you need to know

What a great night it’s been on the Sports Sandwich tonight! If you missed it, don’t worry. You can listen again by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page 🙂

Tonight we decided to run with a nutrition and supplement theme. The three guests we bought in we’re all coming from different angles but there seemed to be two words that cropped up from all three “balanced” and “sustainable.”

Firstly we had personal trainer Marie Halls. Marie spoke about her role and how she listens to her clients needs and tailors their nutritional requirements to what they want to achieve. Marie gave us her advice on what to eat pre-workout and post-workout and how to prepare for upcoming events. The need for a balanced diet is imperative when taking on any form of fitness training or weight loss program which ties in with Sport Across Staffordshire’s Move More In May campaign and StaffordFM’s Sports Fitness Challenge. Find out more here:

Our second was Terri Rigby who spoke passionately for the need to include supplements in a everyday balanced diet. She dispelled some of the myths around supplements and the bad press they have previously received. The supplements she spoke about are all 100% natural products and are all 100% manufactured in-house. Terri will be running workshops at friends of The Sports Sandwich, The Nicky Snazell Pain Clinic. Find out more here: and

To round off the evening we had an inspirational lady in the studio, Jackie Holland who has lost 7.5 stone using the Slimming World Free Food Program. Jackie is now inspiring many others to do the same as group leader at local workshops here in Stafford. She proved that its not about cutting out all the things you love its about having a balanced diet using the Free Foods Guide. Find out more here:

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